Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bonneville Reborn Unveiling - Austin, Texas #BonnevilleReborn #Triumph

There is one other thing I am passionate about besides Photography; one other thing that gets my mind from the grind, the air in my hair, and that is, the twist of the wrist. Hello Triumph Bonneville !
After 15 years, the British motorcycle company finally redesigned their revered classic with 5 new models, one 900cc and four 1200cc.  The Bonneville Reborn Tour set across the USA with 4 units to unveil and display.  January 19th, they arrived at Woods Fun Center and the party began at 6pm. #BonnevilleReborn

First unveiling was the 900cc Street Twin. The price is right starting at $8,700. So I bet this model will sell well.

Cliff, the Regional Manager for Triumph explained specs and other valuable information about this and other models.

Next bike unveiled was the two-tone black and white T120 ... This model was very attractive, with many details that reminded me of old-school motorcycling, yet, with additional of high tech features.

Then finally, the one we were all waiting for...Thruxton R.  The audience let out audible gasps at its brilliant display. It just had to be red. Red says fast, and the gold Ohlin shocks says performance handling.  I could not wait to throw a leg over and reach for the clip-on grips, to see if it would fit my small frame. 

 The clutch is so light and smooth !

Kevin Schwantz, World Champion Road Racing
I brought my off-camera flash and did some detail shots of mostly the T120 and Thruxton R.  With the crowds it was a matter of being patient to get some good photographs.

Kevin Schwantz
This black Street Twin was fired up briefly and the rumble was surprisingly deep for a stock exhaust.

The hopes for an early Spring arrival. I have a deposit on the Thruxton, Racing Green, but I am torn between it and the T120 ... Anyway, one of them will be mine when they arrive !